Super Mario XP Remastered

Author: Matth33w

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Game stats:
Played: 4693 times
Left and Right arrows to move.
- Shift - jump.
- Shift + Up arrow - jump high.
- Ctrl - shoot.
Super Mario XP remastered brings to life an old title developed way back in 2001. The game was a megahit back then featuring a crossbleed between Super Mario Bros and Castelvania and now thanks to Matth33w the game has been ported to html5 and can be played freely directly into your browser. Compared to rest of online Mario games available Super Mario XP remastered features new and mysterious graphics adds new opponents and boss fights are more dramatic then ever.
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Game Features:
- Ingenoius level design.
- New weapons available for Mario to use.
- Special high jump feature.

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