Super Mario 64

Author: Nintendo

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Game stats:
Played: 35763 times
Enter - START.
Arrow keys to move.
J,K,Q,E - different actions.
W,A,S,D - Joystick
U, I, L, O - C buttons.
Super Mario 64 online is the original Nintendo title that now can be played online directly into your browser thanks to the modern emulator technology. The game was released way back in 1996 and was among the first 3D games available in the video games industry.
Super Mario 64 features 120 levels that ones needs to complete in order to rescue princess Peach from the hands of evil monster nammed Bowser. While on your mission don't forget to collect the power up items such as the 3 special caps that will make you fly, become invincible, submerge and more.

Game Features:
- New additons when it comes to Super Mario behaviour: run, jump, crouch, crawl, swim, climb, kick, or punch.
- Special jumps by combining regular jump with other actions , ex wall jump.
- The ability to carry items in order to solve puzzlez.

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