Super Lule vs Zombies


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Played: 816 times
Drag the mouse to aim, click to shoot.
Super Lule vs Zombies is a brand new aim and shoot game featuring our brave ex military hero named Lule. In this episode you are given the task of clearing the peaceful land of Princess Lili from the invading hoards of zombies.
As you only have a limited amount of ammo to use inside each level try to defeat multiple zombies by using one shoot, as this will also grant you higher score points and more golden medals. At first, levels are easy enough to beat, yet as you advance you should aim more precise and figure where your fireballs will bounce and use that in order to clear your targets. Also be warned that some zombies managed to find Princess Lili and got her surrounded so hurry up.

Game Features:
- 18 levels of challenging gameplay.
- Funny yet not easy to complete game. - Uncover the real person behind Lule character in the epilogue after finishing the game.

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