Mario Egypt Stars


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Game stats:
Played: 12634 times
Use the arrow keys to move and jump.
Super Mario Egypt Stars is really nice html5 platform game where you need to rescue all the Shine Stars that Bowser stole. The game action is spread across 7 amazing levels that are build as maze inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt. In each level you must collect a number of Shine sprites in order to unlock the secret chamber that will grant you to possibility to advance furter. In order to do so you shall be prompted to solve some minipuzzles, avoid enemies and obstacles. The 8th level is a one vs one fight against Bowser so be prepared to face the monster.
Collect all coins inside each level in order to get extra lives.

Game Features:
- Outstanding graphics and smooth gameplay.
- Hidden secrets and bonus items spread all across.
- Fun and addictive.

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