Donkey Kong Country

Author: Nintendo

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Game stats:
Played: 6452 times
Instructions:Enter: Start/Pause
Arrows keys: Move
Z - Switch
X - Jump
S - Run/Pick Up
Donkey Kong Country was released back in 1994 and since then it continues to entertain the young kids generation by generation. The game is build in the manner of classic side scrollers and features 40 levels that the player needs to complete while helping Donkey Kong and his nepfew Diddy recover the hoard of bananas that were stolen by some evil crocodiles led by their boss aka Kremlings. The action is liniar in most levels as the user needs to run, jump, or defeat enemies by stomping them. Yet the most impressive thing when it comes to Donkey Kong Country is the beautifull graphics and the general overall feeling that you get once you hit the start button.

Game Features:
- Two different playable characters that can interchange at will.
- Many interactions with the surrounding world.
- Hidden bonuses and stages.

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