A very Super Mario World

Author: ROM

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Game stats:
Played: 4593 times
ENTER to start.
Arrow keys to move.
Z,X action.
AVSMW game features eight main worlds, a bonus world, a hub world connecting them, and a challenging secret world. The objective in each level is to reach the end and potentially face a boss battle against a Koopaling. Some levels have hidden exits that can be unlocked by bringing a key to a keyhole, in classic Super Mario World fashion. The levels come with various features and twists, but maintain the traditional Mario platforming feel. The story remains consistent, with Mario embarking on a quest to rescue his friends and the Princess from the clutches of the evil King Bowser. He'll navigate through the land by jumping, shooting, and even flying, as he seeks out and takes on Bowser's minions in their respective castles.

Game Features:

- Original SNES graphics and sounds.

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