8Bit Mario Bros World


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Game stats:
Played: 9960 times
Click to jump.
8Bit Mario Bros World is a new 2D html5 side scrolling game featuring Super Mario that spreads across many levels, where you need to collect a secret key in order to open the portal that will give you the opportunity to finish the stage and advance.
The difficulty of this kind of game consists in that fact that your character is on autopilot and runs by itself. The only thing you can do is to control the jump so you need to be very precise when you decide to press the button in order to jump so that you can avoid an obstacle or enter the portal. Overall the game is really fun to play so give it a try!

Game Features:
- Classic 8bit style look.
- Inovative concept for a Supor Mario related game.
- So many levels to play that it is impossible to get bored.

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