Luigi Adventure

Author: Original Hack

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Game stats:
Played: 10107 times
Enter to start the game.
Z, X - jump/ start level.
Luigi s World is fan built game hack by using the original SMW rom engine where Mario s older brother Luigi, is the one that needs to save the Princess from Bowser s lair. The game features appealing graphics and some interesting mechanics compared to the original, levels are nicely build and challenges will keep you hooked for hours. In order to save the princess besides dealing with the usual villains such as Gombas, Koopa Troopers, Bullet Bills and all sort of other deadly traps, please keep in mind that this is also a race against time so be sure to arrive there in time.
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Game Features:
- Original retro graphics.
- Hard but fun to play.
- Hidden secrets and shortcuts.

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