Freddy run 1


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Game stats:
Played: 2923 times
Instructions:Up - jump.
Down - slide.
X - shoot.
P - pause
Freddy run 1 is a spooky running game featuring a young boy named Freddy that has a terrifying nightmare. In his dream Freddy is trapped inside a haunted castle and is constantly being chased by the evil monster known by the name of Soul Catcher. Besides having to deal with Soul Catcher Freddy also needs to avoid all sort of deadly traps and other villains that try to knock him out.
In order to survive Soul s attacks be sure to check when he pulls the scythe back and prepares to attack and perfomr a jump at this exact moment.

Game Features:
- 5 levels full of adrenaline that will test your reaction skills to their maximum.
- get a extra life once you collect 100 coins in gold.
- auto running enabled you only need to jump, slide and shoot.

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